Depending on the long-distance moving project, we can provide any kind of packing materials.

We sell moving boxes, wardrobe boxes, TV boxes, packing wrap, bubble wrap, packing paper, etc. The materials could be delivered free of charge or billed to the customer, depending on the package chosen by the latter.

The disadvantages of a grouped move or a consolidated move are:

  • Longer waiting time to group several moves in a single truck
  • Loading and unloading dates are always chosen by the moving company and not by the customer
  • More time to foresee for delivery to the final address
  • Even if we scrupulously divide the sections in the truck, we must still perceive certain risks related to the transported belongings of other customers

The advantages of a groupage during a long-distance move are:

  • A much cheaper total price compared to moving with a dedicated truck
  • Scrupulous planning done well in advance
  • More time for preparation

Usually, if the customer is fully satisfied with the service provided, tips constitute between 2 and 5% of the total invoiced amount.

There are many articles about tipping movers.

Our opinion is as follows: We encourage our clients to tip the movers according to their performance.

You can do it by yourself only. We do not move valuables such as jewelry and we never assume it.

Categorically no. We do not have the legal right to do so.

To ensure that the furniture has arrived in the same condition as it was at the departure, the customer should necessarily inspect his/her furniture before and after the move. If any damage is found, we require clear evidence with before and after photos. The movers, in their turn, are also authorized to have the belongings to be moved inspected and even to take photos precisely to keep them with the client's file.

The cheapest times to make a long-distance move in Canada are between the months of:

  • March and April
  • August and December

Other times of the year are considered more expensive due to harsher weather conditions in winter (late December – early March) or because of peak moving season (between May and July) when prices are much higher.

Our company stands out from the competition with a complex employee selection system that includes:

  • Checking the criminal record of each candidate
  • Mandatory experience in moving, packing, assembling and/or driving heavy trucks
  • Mandatory training within the company
  • The personalized evaluation of such qualities as: punctuality, discipline, non-consumption of alcohol nor drugs, respect and intolerance to discrimination and racism.


We only accept confirmations made in writing either by email at or by text message at (844) 505-3434. The reservation of our services is completed upon payment of the deposit only.

Indeed yes. Each customer must sign a moving contract with us, thus accepting its terms and conditions. It is a legal basis guaranteeing peace of mind to the customer and the moving company.

For any long-distance move, we require a deposit to hire our company of approximately 10% of the overall cost of the service. The deposit is not reimbursable, but it is transferable for another date or to another person.

The company signs a moving contract with all customers with no exception and this represents a guarantee of execution of the work without fault.

Our movers can disconnect and reconnect fridges, dryers, stoves, microwaves; any electronic system such as televisions, projectors, sound systems, etc.

Movers may NOT disconnect and reconnect (for safety reasons): Washing machines, dishwashers, or any other appliances or electrical and/or electronic devices that pose safety risks and require certified electricians or plumbers.

Certainly yes. If, apart from the departure address and the arrival address, there will be another or other intermediate destinations, the price will be adjusted according to the deviation and the route to be taken.

Yes, the disassembly and reassembly services are included for the following furniture and appliances: large dining tables, sectionals, sofas, loveseats, refrigerator doors, entry door, work desk. To have more sophisticated furniture assembled, a team of professional assemblers will come to serve you and the price will be adjusted.

Payment for our long-distance moving services is done in a few steps: the first step is the deposit (about 10% of the total amount); the second step is after loading the truck (40%) at the pickup location; and the last one is the settlement of the final payment before unloading (40%), arrived at final address.

Our customers can use various payment methods for our services: credit card, Interac transfer, bank draft, certified cheque, cash.

Extras during a long-distance move can occur in the following cases:

  • Additional stop
  • Moving heavy objects exceeding 250lbs
  • Moving through the balcony or through the window of a building
  • Use of special equipment such as: crane truck, tailgate, forklift, etc.
  • Waiting time longer than stipulated initially in the moving contract
  • Involvement of additional human resources during the process
  • Assembly of non-standard furniture
  • Placing objects in the house
  • Post-move cleaning
  • “White-glove” service


As a reliable long-distance moving company, Total Distance Solutions offer cargo insurance up to $50,000 and $1M civil liability insurance. Usually, the deductible paid by the customer constitutes 3 to 7% of the amount of the transaction to take advantage of such insurance, depending on the type of belongings.

Absolutely. The representatives of our company regularly undertake visits to our customers in order to know as many details as possible to get the right quote.

The movers at Total Distance Solutions work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we understand that sometimes there is no other way to do it. Moreover, the price in this case is never affected.

It is possible with us. However, a long-distance move should ideally take place during the summer period when there are fewer risks on the roads and the temperature allows us working with fewer resources.

Depending on the time of year, a long-distance move should be booked at least 2-4 weeks before the big day. However, Total Distance Solutions have the resources to provide even a last-minute and emergency long-distance moving service. A last-minute moving service can be provided if the company has availabilities for this purpose.

If we provide a standard long-distance moving service with the packing of large items only such as appliances and/or large furniture, we do it the same day. However, if the customer wants a complete packing service with boxing, we do it before the day of the move.

The packing of furniture and appliances is always included in the moving service. As for the service of boxing, packing, wrapping valuables, clothing and kitchen items – we charge the packing materials, the working hours and the traveling time of the teams additionally.

The number of movers will depend on the size of the project. The bigger the move, the more movers will participate.

Generally, the size of the truck is established according to the belongings to be moved and the distance to be traveled and it can vary between 20 feet and up to 53-foot trailers.

The price of a move is strongly conditioned by several factors such as:

  • the distance between addresses,
  • the scope of the project,
  • the time of year,
  • the human resources and equipment to be involved, etc.

Therefore, a reliable moving company will ask for as much details and information as possible in order to offer the best price and all-inclusive packages.