International — where are you moving from and to?

If you are making an international move, this article is for you! Total Distance Solutions is one of North America’s best international moving company and moving with experts can make your move a smooth ride, no matter which direction you are headed.

International Relocation with Total Distance Solutions

Moving from Canada to the US requires international movers who understand the rules and regulations of moving across the border. The expert international movers at Total Distance Solutions are experienced in relocating families as well as businesses cross-border. 

There is strict paperwork to apply for when moving from Canada to the US. Once you have received immigration approval, you can start planning your move.

Depending on whether you are moving to the US for work, as a student, or through family sponsorship, you will either need a work permit, a Work or Study Visa, and a Permanent Resident Card or Green Card. 

For returning US residents, you will need to fill out necessary customs forms. Part-time residents (and snowbirds) will also need to show proof of property or ownership. 

When you have all your documents in order, booking a reliable international relocation specialist is the next step. Total Distance Solutions is the best international moving company on this side of the border!

International Move

Full-Packing Service for International Relocation

If you are making an international move, you will, no doubt, have a lot going on. Why not take advantage of our full-packing service to take some stress off your plate? Our international movers will arrive on a scheduled date (or dates, depending on the size of the move) and take care of all the packing details.

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International Move

Full-Packing Services Include:

Unpacking Services:

Total Distance Solutions partners with moving companies across Canada that we trust to help with international relocations. When we arrive at your new location in the US, we can offer white-glove service for unpacking all your items. 

This includes reassembling and placing all furniture and putting things away, like kitchen utensils, pots, and pans, unpacking clothing in drawers, and hanging things in closets. Moving with the best international moving company can save you time, and effort and make your international move a smooth operation

Insurance for Your International Move

When moving from Canada to US, it is important that you hire a moving company that is licensed and offers damage insurance. This is especially important when you are traveling long-distance across the border. Going through customs can mean your moving truck is unloaded and boxes and household items can be shuffled around, and things can be damaged. 

Total Distance Solutions offers the best moving packages for your international move, including insurance for the protection of your valuables while moving from Canada to US.

International Move

Moving from US to Canada

Even though Total Distance Solutions is a moving company based out of Montreal, Canada, we are international movers that can move you from anywhere in North America to any location within the continent. 

A popular type of international relocation is for American students moving from US to Canada to attend one of Canada’s top universities. In the case of making this type of move, our best international moving company offers the option of a regrouped move. 

A regrouped move consists of moving a small number of items on a truck shared with other customers. This can significantly cut the costs of your international relocation. 

Depending on the city or town you are moving from, our international movers can make arrangements for your items to be moved along with other customers traveling in the same location. Our customer service team can find creative ways to get your items transported to your final destination when moving from US to Canada. 

It is not necessary for you to be present at the border when your items go through customs while moving from US to Canada. We can even take care of all the paperwork for getting across the border on your behalf.

International Move

Frequently Asked Questions About An International Move

Obviously, the pet will not travel across the border in our moving truck during an international move, but luckily because we share a continent, dogs and cats can easily travel across the border. The only requirement is that they have an up-to-date vaccination certificate that states the animal is vaccinated against rabies.

Many people make an international move because of work opportunities, and thousands of people from both Canada and the US move across the border due to their careers every year. The second most common reason to make an international relocation is to be close to family or to pursue a relationship.

This is a difficult question as depending on where in Canada or the US you move, the cost of living may be higher. For example, the cost of living in New York City is going to be exorbitantly higher than if you moved to Saskatoon. However, if you are moving from a small US town to Toronto or Vancouver, you will see the reverse.

So, the answer is: it depends. However, you may be surprised to learn that, overall, Canada’s cost of living is higher. In Canada, utilities, gas, and goods are typically more expensive than in the US. When making an international move, you should do your research to learn about your new city’s cost of living before making the big commitment of an international relocation.