1. Long-Distance Movers from Saskatchewan to Ontario

It doesn't matter where your home or business is located in Saskatchewan, whether it's the big city of Regina or the tiny town of Loreburn. Our long-distance moving company can make a move from Saskatchewan to Ontario with little complication. 

Living in Saskatchewan has many benefits. Home to some of the most beautiful, sparkling, freshwater lakes in all of Canada, there is no limit to the exciting summer activities to engage in. Ontario is full of its own fun, with the gorgeous Great Lakes and Niagara Falls, to the amazing wineries peppered throughout the province, there are many amazing things to see and do in the summertime. 

The winter is just as great. Despite the cold weather in both provinces, Canadians are notorious for finding winter fun! Downhill and cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, and skating, not to mention all the wonderful winter festivals celebrated in both provinces.

Saskatchewan Long-Distance Movers

Saskatchewan is about 1449 km from Ontario. That’s quite the hike, but thankfully our long-distance movers are experts in moving clients from Saskatchewan to Ontario. 

Being a prairie province, Saskatchewan has a pretty laid-back lifestyle. It's a great place to raise a family as the cost of living is lower than in most provinces in Canada. People moving to Ontario from Saskatchewan may want a faster pace, looking to attend one of their world-renowned schools or even moving for a job opportunity. 

Our Saskatchewan movers specialize in both individual moves and company moves. Whatever your reason for moving from Saskatchewan to Ontario, you've come to the right place. Total Distance Solutions are the very best Saskatchewan long-distance movers for a reason!

Saskatchewan Long-Distance Movers

2. Long-Distance Movers from Saskatchewan to Quebec

There are many goals in making a business move from Saskatchewan to Quebec. Quebec is an economic powerhouse, and many Canadian entrepreneurs are moving to take advantage of its prosperous market. Some hotspots in Quebec right now are Montreal, Quebec City, Sherbrooke, Trois-Rivières, and Gatineau.

A booming economy means more job opportunities. Our Saskatchewan movers make house moving and residential moves from Saskatchewan to all over Quebec. 

Our Saskatchewan long-distance movers offer white-glove service to our clients moving from Saskatchewan to Quebec. We offer packing, disassembly of furniture, transportation, and then reassembly and unpacking services in your new home.

Saskatchewan Long-Distance Movers

3. Long-Distance Movers from Saskatchewan to New Brunswick

Our long-distance moving company accommodates many customers moving from Saskatchewan to New Brunswick for its affordable lifestyle. There is approximately 3888 km between these two provinces. There are many demands for such a move and this long distance can present a challenge to a customer if making it personally. 

There’s a lot of highway driving involved, and the travel routes between locations are often clogged with heavy traffic. If traveling during the winter, it's not uncommon to experience white-outs and highway closures. Some provincial highways have expensive tolls and fees and fluctuate at different times. 

There are also several additional charges to consider depending on several criteria such as: 

  • the season you are moving, 
  • whether you will require a dedicated truck, or be part of a regrouped move, 
  • the specifications of your move, 
  • and resources needed, etc. 

These are just a few of the many factors to consider when making a long-distance move. It's also why it makes sense to call our Saskatchewan long-distance movers to help give you a hassle-free moving experience.

Saskatchewan Long-Distance Movers

4. Long-Distance Movers from Saskatchewan to Nova Scotia

Do you currently live in Saskatchewan and are moving to the sunny east coast? If you happen to be moving to one of the friendliest provinces in Canada, Nova Scotia, you are in luck! Our Saskatchewan long-distance movers can simplify this circuitous move. 

A move from Saskatchewan to Nova Scotia is as close as traveling from Yorkton to Amherst at 3768 km and as far as traveling between Lloydminster and Halifax at 4563 km. Any way you look at it, it’s a long-distance move! 

Types of moves our Saskatchewan long-distance movers perform:

  • Residential 
  • Commercial
  • General transport (pallets, all kinds of merchandise and goods, except flammable, dangerous materials, and food items)
  • Related services such as piano moving, pool tables, full assembly/disassembly, and installation services
Saskatchewan Long-Distance Movers

5. Long-Distance Movers from Saskatchewan to Newfoundland and Labrador

A less common move our long-distance moving company makes is to Newfoundland and Labrador, but just because it isn’t commonplace doesn’t mean our Saskatchewan movers won’t take extreme care and caution in a move to Canada’s happy place. 

The distance between Saskatchewan and Newfoundland and Labrador is approximately 3196 km. Our long-distance movers take the most efficient route to get you to your new home, and in some cases, that may require taking a ferry.

Usually, we move people and companies to Newfoundland and Labrador on dedicated trucks because, honestly, it is not so often when we have such a route. However, we only offer a regrouped move to Newfoundland and Labrador when we have a few jobs all going in the same direction. 

Because we assess each job on a case-by-case basis, call now to check for the availability of a regrouped traveling to Newfoundland and Labrador or for a move performed on a dedicated truck.

Saskatchewan Long-Distance Movers

5. Regrouped Moves from Saskatchewan to BC, Alberta, Manitoba

Our long-distance moving company is primarily based on the east coast of Canada, in Quebec and Ontario. However, our Saskatchewan movers regularly make regrouped moves to the west. It’s an easy option for us to add your small move to another truck already making a move to your desired destination. 

While moving individuals and businesses from east to west or vice-versa, we can easily add a regrouped move during the trip. Take for instance a move starting in Toronto and ending in Vancouver. During the trip, our Saskatchewan movers can stop in Saskatoon to pick up a small number of effects to bring to Vancouver too. 

There are advantages to making a regrouped move with our Saskatchewan long-distance movers. You save money because a dedicated truck is not needed. The disadvantages could be that a client may have to wait until the timing is right to make a regrouped move.

Saskatchewan Long-Distance Movers