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Trusted Movers

This is a question we get asked pretty often. How do you trust the movers coming into your home? It's not a cut-and-dry answer. Allowing strangers into your home can cause anxiety and stress for anyone. We spend most of our lives being told to be cautious of strangers. Letting them into your home is a huge NO-NO.

But when we move and hire a moving company, you have to let your guard down and allow these strangers into the most private places in your home. So how do you do it and feel good about it? Hire trusted movers.

This blog is about just that. How can you find trustworthy professional movers?

Hire A Reputable Moving Company

It seems pretty obvious, hire a reputable moving company. But how do you find a reputable moving company? In the day and age where any person can advertise online, you need to be smart about doing your research. There are many amateurs who advertise on social media that they are movers. Not all of them are out to get you. Some just really don’t understand the complexities involved with moving. You need to know the difference between the amateurs and the experts when hiring trustworthy professional movers.

Tips on Hiring Trustworthy Professional Movers

Trusted Movers

You have to investigate moving companies before hiring them. Here are a few tips to ensure the movers you hire are actually what they claim to be: a verified moving company.

  1. Check Out Online Reviews.
    A verified moving company will always have several moving reviews. If a company has no reviews, consider that a red flag. This company has no reputation to prove their quality of work. There is a big issue in the moving industry where you find total amateurs promoting moving online. These movers have no experience, no reviews, and no guarantee to safely move your precious items. They may be cheaper than the rest, but be aware, that cheap doesn't mean quality. Do your homework and be a conscious consumer when moving and only hire trusted movers.
  2. Trust your Instincts.
    If you notice the movers showing up with unmarked moving trucks, or if they seem nonchalant about the move, consider this a major red flag. Trustworthy professional movers come prepared. They arrive with a proper moving truck, have proper moving equipment, and are dressed professionally.
    The movers at Total Distance Solutions are not only dressed professionally but they have also been put through an exhaustive training program on how to move correctly. Don't take the cheap way out, as in the long run, you will pay for it. Hire trusted movers to take care of your beloved things.
  3. Find a Verified Moving Company. An easy way to find trusted movers in Canada is to check out the Better Business Bureau (BBB) or the Canadian Association of Movers (CAM). If they aren’t registered, you can call 1-866-860-0065 to find out if there are any complaints filed against them. You can also do some research online to get a sense of whether their company is dedicated to moving, or just providing a service of convenience. 

There are many movers out there who provide inexpensive moving services because they don't know proper moving techniques and do not have insurance in case your items get damaged during the move. The last thing you want to deal with while moving is having to fork out money to replace your things because they got damaged because of improper moving techniques. Spend the time doing some research when you want to find trusted movers.

Found A Reputable Moving Company. Now What?

Trusted Movers

Once you feel confident hiring trustworthy professional movers, you must have a plan in place. Decide specifically what you’d like your trusted movers to do. Have a game plan. Direct your trusted movers to take on the moving expectations for each room. You should know the contents of each room and direct them to take care of the packing and boxing of all your items.

Get to know your trusted movers. They aren’t just robots coming into your home to perform a task. Try to get to know them personally. Learn their names and if you feel they have worked hard, offer them a drink of water or lemonade. This act of kindness goes a long way.

These trusted movers have dedicated themselves to the career of being honest and respected professional movers. They care about your personal items like they are their own. These people work hard and want to keep your belongings safe during the moving process. Don’t forget this. By treating these individuals with kindness, you will feel assured knowing they will keep your things secure while transporting them from your old home to your new residence.

A verified moving company will take great pride in providing optimal moving services. So, hiring movers with ethics and integrity will be paramount to their company’s success. This fact should let you feel more secure about inviting trusted movers into your home.

Hiring the Right People for the Job

At Total Distance Solutions, we do a detailed background check on every employee. We will not hire any mover who has a criminal background or a negative mark on their driving record. This helps to protect their customers. A verified moving company should do the same. Hiring trusted movers to work for your moving company helps build a positive reputation in the moving industry. It is not a benefit to a moving company to just hire cheap workers and risk the safety of their customers. A company would not succeed following that philosophy.

Do You Research

Trusted Movers

At the end of the day, it pays to put some time into doing your research when looking for a reputable moving company. As you can see, there are some shady characters out there that you do not want to cross paths with. By doing your research, you should be able to find a top-quality moving company that you will be safe allowing into your home.