Long-distance small moves have their own set of challenges than say, a large relocation. What you need is a company that understands the distinct differences and obstacles every type of move encounters. 

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to moving. If you want to understand the hurdles specific to long-distance small moves, it’s important to know what these types of moves entail. 

Please keep reading to learn about the 5 common questions asked about small interprovincial moves, with answers from our expert long-distance small movers at Total Distance Solutions.

Small Moves

1. What Is Considered A Long-Distance Small Move?

Our long-distance small movers generally consider a small move the equivalent of a one-bedroom apartment or studio suite. Of course, this can be moving a small number of items from a large home as well. 

A long-distance move is any move beyond the distance of a 200 km radius from Montreal (the location of Total Distance Solutions). Most small interprovincial moves will be classified as long-distance moves.

Small Moves

2. What Is the Main Difference Between A Long-Distance Small Move and A Regular Long-Distance Move?

A long-distance small move is considerably less complicated than a regular long-distance move. However, although less detailed, these types of moves pose their own set of challenges. 

The situations our clients find themselves in when making a small interprovincial move tend to be different than a standard move. Frequently it involves significant life events, and clients may need specialized moving services. With help from our trained long-distance small movers, we can help take the stress out of any situation you may be faced with during long-distance small moves.

Small Moves

3. What Factors Are Considered in the Price of A Long-Distance Small Move?

There are many components of a long-distance small move that need to be factored in when calculating the cost of your long-distance small moving service. These factors include: 

  • Where you are moving to and from and the distance between these two addresses, our long-distance small movers will also have to calculate the most effective route to get there.
  • We need to know the number of long-distance movers who will need to be involved based on the challenges of the move.
  • What size of truck will be needed in the move?
  • Whether or not your move is consolidated and how many other clients’ items will be traveling along with your things. The cost will then be divided amongst all clients depending on the number of things being moved.
  • The type of items you will be moving. Are we moving just household items, boxes, and small furniture? Or are there more complicated items to be moved in long-distance small moves? 
  • Are there heavy objects to be moved? Things like pool table, piano, aquariums, safe, appliances, etc. will require more manpower and tools. 
  • Are there stairwells and elevators to contend with? Any other obstacles that will make moving more challenging will be factored into the price.
  • What additional services are required? Professional packing, furniture disassembly, reassembly, etc.
  • Is there a need for storage? If so, for how long?
  • What is the time of year and season involved in long-distance small moves? High-season and off-season will have different pricing due to supply and demand.
  • The time of the week you require long-distance small moving services can also affect pricing. Some dates (like the weekend) are more expensive due to more customers moving at that time. 
  • Are there any special equipment or tools needed for the move? Things like a truck crane to move a heavy item out of an upper floor for instance.

These are just several factors that will be taken into consideration when making small interprovincial moves. The best way to know what the cost of your move will be is to contact Total Distance Solutions to get a free estimate. Our customer support will calculate the cost based on your individual requirements.

4. What Are the Most Common Types of Long-Distance Small Moves?

There are several types of moves that our long-distance small movers see time and time again and often involve a major life transition. The following scenarios are our most common types of long-distance small moves.

Student Moves

Our long-distance moving service is a perfect fit for that exciting chapter of your life, moving out of your family home and off to college or university. Our long-distance small movers specialize in this type of move. Typically, a student move consists of a small bedroom set and personal items. 

Some of the biggest college towns in Ontario and Montreal are on our regular moving route. We can consolidate your move with other students, especially during August, which is the perfect time to get settled into your new place for the start of the school season. 

Separation and Divorce 

At Total Distance Solutions, we understand that life doesn’t always go according to plan. So, when it comes to separation or divorce, our long-distance small movers have got your back. We know that this can be a very painful and challenging time in a person’s life, and we will handle this type of long-distance small moves with delicate care. 

Oftentimes, when making a move of this nature, there isn’t always a clear end goal. You may only know you need to move your items out of the house, and that is okay. Our long-distance small moving company provides many services to help. 

We can go into the home and pack up your items, so you don’t have to do it yourself. Just give us clear instructions on what needs to go. We can then load up a truck and take your items to our storage facility. 

We can store all of your things until you are ready in our heated, safe, and secure storage facility. At that time, our long-distance small movers will pick up your items and deliver them during one of our small interprovincial moves. 

Senior Moves

One of our most popular long-distance small moves involves moving seniors out of their homes and into long-term care facilities and senior centers. We understand this is a significant life-changing event in many families’ lives. So, we handle senior long-distance small moves with gentle, compassionate care. 

Our long-distance small movers know precisely how to handle complex senior moving challenges like downsizing. We can offer many suggestions about how to go about this process, including giving families a custom plan that fits their specific moving needs.

5. Why Is It So Important to Hire A Long-Distance Small Moving Service Like Total Distance Solutions?

Just like all moves are not created equally, neither are moving companies. Some movers specialize in local moving, or standard home or business moves. Total Distance Solutions is different because we have years of experience making small interprovincial moves.

When dealing with long-distance small moves, some scenarios need to be handled differently than a typical move. Because we have the experience and skills to hire a specialized long-distance moving service, you will feel like all your needs are being taken care of without you even having to ask. We know exactly what you need when making long-distance small moves, and we have all the bases covered. 

So why not just rent a truck and move yourself? Sure, that may seem like a logical solution when you have a small number of items to move, but things are not always as easy as they seem. When you are undergoing a stressful situation, adding the complexities of moving is not something most people need to add to their already full plates. 

You may first think that moving yourself will save you a lot of money, but this is not always the case. Frequently people who move their own things end up damaging items because of improper or rushed moving techniques. 

It may cost more upfront to hire a long-distance small moving service, but it could end up being less expensive than having to replace something you damaged from moving on your own. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that hiring long-distance small movers will also take a lot of stress out of the moving process. That alone is priceless!