Become a Partner Of Total Distance Solutions

There are times when we need to call on local movers to assist our long-distance moving company. We require all of our partners to have movers who are experienced in the moving industry. We have the highest expectations and only a local moving company with a stellar reputation will do. 

Total Distance Solutions is a long-distance moving company that takes great pride in providing our customers with the best moving experience. So, if this is something your moving company also believes in, we can consider becoming business partners. 

If you are interested in becoming a partner with our excellent long-distance moving company, we want to hear from you! We provide technical support, consultation, and advising every step of the way. 

We can become a strong team in ensuring 100% customer satisfaction, benefiting both moving companies along the way. We can even provide warehousing of items to be moved long-distance. Being a partner of Total Distance Solutions is a mutually beneficial agreement. 

Become a Partner Of Total Distance Solutions

How to Become A Partner of Our Moving Company   

Our long-distance moving company has spent years building up a standard of excellence in the moving industry that we do not take lightly. It takes hard work and dedication to be the best at something. So, when taking on a business partner we have expectations that they will uphold our reputation of excellence.

That is why we only work with a local moving company that demonstrates top performance. Our long-distance moving company scrupulously selects contractors or partners that have local movers providing the very best moving services everywhere in Canada and the US. 

Our ideal partner will share a similar philosophy to us. They will believe in offering the very best moving services. They will comply with our requirements, directives, and contracts. They will do whatever it takes to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction on every job and will believe in honesty and transparency above all. These are the qualities that have set our long-distance moving company miles above the rest. We will only work with companies that share a similar belief system.

Our pricing policy is quite flexible, and no contractor will be disappointed in choosing to work with Total Distance Solutions. We take moving very seriously and if our partners share our enthusiasm, they will be rewarded handsomely. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction, and we expect our partners to represent that no matter the city, town, or village they are working in. 

Some Criteria for Becoming A Partner of Total Distance Solutions    

If you are a local moving company looking to become partners with our long-distance moving company, these are the requirements we look for:

  • The legal status of the local moving company (how many years on the market, seniority, experience, etc.)
  • Infrastructure (how many local movers do you employ, how many trucks do you have, do you have warehousing options, etc.)
  • Reputation (how many ratings does your local moving company have? Are your reviews mostly positive? Do you have a strong social media presence? Are you the best local moving company in your city, town, or village? Do you have Facebook reviews? Google? etc.) In today's day and age, we prioritize a reputable moving company over just local movers.  
  • We consider the pricing rates of a local moving company. Are you realistic? Not too cheap or exaggerated. We want to work with fair and honest local movers.
  • Is your local moving company flexible? Will your local movers accept last-minute jobs and calls? We want to work with a local moving company that is willing to work with customers no matter the case. If so, our long-distance moving company wants to work with you! 
  • Do you have high expectations of your local movers? Do you expect punctuality from your employees? Discipline? Cleanliness of trucks and equipment? Respect toward customers and good communication with both us as partners, as well as with our customers?
  • Does your local moving company have the ability to do residential and commercial moves? Do your local movers provide piano moving service? Pool table moving and assembly? Furniture disassembly and reassembly? 
  • Does your local moving company have the capability to involve specialized equipment like crane trucks? Tailgate trucks? Jigger, and tailor-made caters, do you offer various sized trucks, etc.?
  • Do your local movers respond to job requests with intricate and detailed explanations of pricing, terms, and conditions? Is your customer service able and willing to answer all questions posed by our customers? 

What Is the Advantage of Becoming A Partner of Our Company 

Total Distance Solutions is a long-distance moving company with an excellent reputation. We have spent years building our brand and when we choose to work with a partner, that partner gets to share the benefits of our excellent reputation.

Partnering with our long-distance moving company allows you to grow and take advantage of our prosperous contracts, jobs, and projects. We take care of our local movers. Every partner gets to share in an excellent moving experience mutually benefiting both our long-distance moving company and your local moving company equally. Let’s share in the wealth! Give us a call and connect with our excellent customer service team. The more we help each other, the more we all benefit! Including our customers.

Become a Partner Of Total Distance Solutions

Looking for A Partner? Give Total Distance Solutions A Call!

Our long-distance moving company excels at providing exceptional service for reasonable pricing. If you are interested in being a part of a winning team, give our long-distance moving company a call. We are always looking for exceptional local movers to work with!

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Become a Partner Of Total Distance Solutions

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