1. Long-Distance Movers from Ontario to Quebec

Ontario and Quebec are friendly neighbors. Ontario movers deal regularly with moves back and forth between both provinces. We consistently move both individuals, families, small businesses, and companies from any point in Ontario to any point in Quebec.

Moving a business, whether small or huge, comes with many complexities even the brightest business mind can find staggering. Our Ontario long-distance movers have perfected the moving experience, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Why waste your time or energy working out all the details of a move when you can simply pick up the phone and leave the experts in charge. 

The same goes for making a residential move.  Whether you are moving from an apartment or house, families have a million things to worry about when moving long-distance. Let us take care of all the details so you can focus on the things that matter. 


Finding the right schools and activities for your kids in your new neighborhood, tying up loose ends in the city you are leaving. There is so much to do. Let Total Distance Solutions, the long-distance moving company, simplify your life by taking care of your residential move.

Students making a move from Ontario to Quebec can also count on our Ontario long-distance movers. If you’re moving from a dorm or even your parents’ home to on-campus in Quebec, Ontario movers do small moves too. We can offer you our regrouped option or even make small deliveries via a shared truck headed to your destination in Quebec.

Once you get to your new place, our long-distance moving company offers packing and unpacking services. So, you literally can leave the most undesirable part of moving up to the pros. 

How nice would it be to show up to your new place and have everything assembled and put away? Sounds like a dream, but it can be your reality, simply by calling our Ontario long-distance movers. 

Moving from Ontario to Quebec in the summer is likely the ideal option as better weather makes for fewer problems. However, many people think alike, and in the summer months our long-distance movers are in high demand, so you may have to pay a higher price. 

On the flip side, wintertime has the potential of dealing with extreme temperatures and highway closures which presents another set of challenges. Regardless, people move at all times of the year, you just need to consider which is the best time for you. 

Ontarians predominantly speak English and depending on where you move in Quebec you may be in for a culture shock. However, there are many places in Quebec where English is spoken and being proficient in French will be a bonus. 

Both provinces experience similar social and economic opportunities however the culture of each province is unique. Wherever you chose to make your new home, getting familiar with the customs and culture is important and can be obtained through research online, and joining community groups on social media, to name a few.

Depending on where you are moving from in Ontario and where you are moving to in Quebec, housing prices could be comparable or there could be a significant difference in pricing. Finding a new home or business space you can afford is imperative. 

Many people move from Ontario to Quebec for a new job opportunity or a change of pace, and Quebec has a lot to offer in that regard. Quebec has so much to offer in terms of culture, community, great quality of life, excellent schools, and flouring job opportunities. Give our Ontario long-distance movers a call to start your journey today!

2. Long-Distance Movers from Ontario to New Brunswick

Making a commercial move to New Brunswick can be effortless with Total Distance Solutions. Whether it’s a large retail store or several small office spaces, our long-distance moving company can take care of every detail of your commercial move.

Our Ontario movers can handle large-scale residential moves, like a large manor or country house, to small-scale moves like apartments or dorms.  

If you are moving from Ontario to New Brunswick, no matter the size of your home, let us help make it easy.

Our Ontario long-distance movers can even provide small deliveries and include your items in a truck already destined for New Brunswick. If you aren’t moving right away, we have warehousing solutions too! We will also do your packing and unpacking to save you time, energy, and unneeded stress.

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3. Long-Distance Movers from Ontario to Manitoba

Another popular place for Ontarians to move to is Manitoba.  Manitoba has a less expensive cost of living in comparison to Ontario. Fewer people live in Manitoba, making it a more prosperous place to start a business. Strong economic diversity and a cheaper housing market than Ontario make it an ideal location to move to.

Life can change on a dime and sometimes people need to make an urgent and unexpected move. Total Distance Solutions, Ontario long-distance movers can accommodate a quick move. Being neighbors with Manitoba makes this an easier task than if you were moving cross-country. Ontario movers have your back!

Ontario movers can also accommodate large moving projects both commercial and residential. You could be moving a large restaurant or medical facility or perhaps an estate home with a number of valuables and even vehicles. 

Our long-distance movers can tackle any job of any size. Our long-distance moving company will carefully plan, iron out all the details, and expertly execute a momentous move of any size.

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4. Long-Distance Movers from Ontario to Alberta

Hockey is life in Canada. In particular, Albertans and Ontarians are some of the most energetic fans. Our long-distance movers have been privileged enough to move several all-star hockey players from Ontario to Alberta (If Ontario movers were around in the ’80s, guaranteed Gretzky would have been our client!). 

So, if you are a hockey player looking to move you and your family to Alberta, we are the elite long-distance moving company for you!

Alberta is sometimes jokingly referred to as the ‘Texas of Canada.’ Yes, Alberta has had its share of controversy over the years (during the pandemic for sure!), but the truth is, it’s a prosperous province with many job opportunities for Ontarians. Making a small or large business move from Ontario to Alberta is a smart move, and our Ontario long-distance movers can make it easy for you. 

Our long-distance moving company has a team of specialists who can make estimates online, over facetime, telephone, or even on-site (depending on where you are calling from). Ontario long-distance movers prioritize every move individually and will do what it takes to guarantee customer satisfaction every time.

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5. Long-Distance Movers from Ontario to British Columbia

Beautiful British Columbia. At some point, every Canadian, no matter where you live, has thought about moving to BC. Sought after as one of the most desirable provinces to live in due to its mild climate and varied geographics, moving from Ontario to British Columbia is another common move our Ontario long-distance movers make. 

Reasons to move from Ontario to British Columbia are varied. Many make a move to BC for the warmer winters, the amazing ski resorts, being close to the ocean, attending one of their world-recognized universities and colleges, or new job opportunities. Whatever the reason, Total Distance Solutions can make this cross-country move as easy as moving next door.

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