A long-distance full packing service can allow you to focus on the excitement of moving instead of the drab chore of packing up everything you own, taking apart and moving furniture, and lugging around heavy boxes.

Moving is a time of new opportunities, and new adventures. When you let the best long-distance packers help with your move, you’ll be shocked at how the stress of moving will melt away, and you can focus on what really matters: getting settled into your new life.

Full Packing Services

Full Packing Services for Everyone

Full packing services are not just for the elite, anyone can take advantage of this awesome long-distance moving service. When you are moving, especially long-distance, there are many things to worry about. Selling your home and finding a new one. Canceling utilities at your old home and setting them up at your new place. Sorting through your things and selling, donating, and trashing the items you no longer need or want. Purchasing packing boxes and other materials for your move. Then the big job of packing. The job everyone puts off until the last minute because who wants to live in a home cluttered with boxes? Not only that, who wants to have to riffle through boxes to find something you need but you’ve already packed away? This is the part of moving that can be stressful and overwhelming. 

A simple solution is to hire the best long-distance packers from Total Distance Solutions. You get the ultimate full packing service, that includes:

  • Meticulous packing room by room (living room, kitchen, dining room, family room, bonus room, office, toy room, basement, rumpus room, bedrooms, bathrooms, outdoor patio, yard full packing services, garage, shed, etc.)
  • A detailed inventory list of every item packed and which box it has been packed inside
  • The use of top-quality moving boxes made from the sturdiest cardboard in order to properly house your precious items
  • The best packing materials for full packing services, like paper, bubble wrap, Styrofoam, plastic wrap, moving blankets, pads, etc. 
  • Packing of fragile items using meticulous packing methods to keep even the most delicate items safe and sound during transport (things like glass vases, porcelain, antique lamps, mirrors, framed artwork, urns, musical instruments, etc.) 
  • Packing regular, everyday items (clothing, linens, bathroom accessories, toys, board games, books, bedding, small kitchen appliances, etc.)
  • Packing of large and heavy items (couches, mattresses, bicycles, patio furniture, bookshelves, desks, rugs, grandfather clocks, China cabinets, etc.)
  • Assembly and disassembly of furniture (dining room tables and chairs, kitchen tables and chairs, entertainment units, trampolines, bedroom sets, etc.)
  • Full packing services for specialty items like gym equipment, pianos (upright, baby grand, grand), and pool or billiard tables (we even offer table felt replacement by our best long-distance packers)
  • Meticulous packing of electronics (TVs, stereos, computers, modems, speakers) 
  • Packing of random items (firepit, aquariums, arcade machines, display cases, trophies, dog houses, pet supplies, water dispensers, lamps, plants, etc.)

Full packing services are for anyone who wants to make their lives easier when moving long-distance. Our meticulous packing experts don’t ever cut corners and will properly pack up all your valuable possessions. No spoon, fork, or spork will be overlooked.

Why Choose a Full Packing Service?

1. Time Is Money

When moving, your time is a valuable commodity, and spending hours, days, or even weeks packing up your personal things can leave you feeling overworked, run-down, and just plain exhausted. 

“It was the best decision we ever made,” explains a happy customer of Total Distance Solutions, when asked about hiring a long-distance full packing service. 

“Yes, it cost us a bit more, but the time it saved us made it more than worth it. Not to mention the cost of saving our sanity,” she jokes.  Many customers feel the same as Carol. If you can budget for a full packing service, it is worth it to make a move an easy breezy experience.


Full Packing Services

2. Meticulous Packing of Your Items

When hiring a long-distance packing service, you can rest assured your possessions are carefully packed and protected during your move. A DIY packing job may be cheaper initially, but when moving long-distance it’s really easy for improperly packed things to get damaged along the way. 

It’s not uncommon to find at least a dozen items broken in a move when packed by homeowners. Of course, no one purposely packs things in a careless way, but even the most well-intentioned packer may not use the best methods and end up breaking something of great importance. 

Oftentimes, it’s the most precious or expensive items that get damaged during a long-distance move. Call it Murphy’s Law or just the luck of the draw! All the more reason to hire full packing services to help out with your move. The mere cost of replacing damaged items can cover the cost of hiring the best long-distance packers from the very start.

Full Packing Services

3. Liability with Full Packing Services

When you hire a long-distance full packing service you are not only getting meticulous packing techniques, but you are also getting a full warranty for the items they pack. The best long-distance packers are so confident in their packing abilities that they will take all liability for the safety of your items by insuring it as part of your moving contract.

This means that if anything does get damaged in the move, they will cover the replacement cost. Movers will not warranty items not packed by their best long-distance packers, so something to keep in mind when hiring a long-distance full packing service.

Full Packing Services

Best Long-Distance Packers: Total Distance Solutions

No matter where you are moving, whether it be across the province, or across the country, our long-distance full packing service offers our customers the peace of mind to know that all your household items will arrive at their final destination in one piece. 

In today’s busy and stressful world, having the opportunity to take some responsibility off your shoulders can be priceless. Let Total Distance Solutions help do just that. Our expert full-packing services can be customized to fit your budget. We want to help you with your move! Give us a call or click the link to fill out our online form. Get your FREE estimate today!

Full Packing Services