So why choose Total Distance Solutions for your moving needs? First of all, our cross Canada long-distance movers are 100% focused on customer satisfaction and that is the most important thing to us. Our excellent online reviews can attest to the fact that we do everything in our power to give our customers an exquisite moving experience. So, look no further, you’ve already found the top cross Canada long-distance movers! 

High-Quality Long-Distance Movers

Our interprovincial long-distance movers thoroughly select moving personnel and administration staff who are 100% knowledgeable in the moving industry.  This is just one reason to choose Total Distance Solutions as your moving company.

Even the dispatch team is made up of former professional movers. We don’t take any chances in hiring people who don’t understand the needs of our customers.

All our movers follow a comprehensive training protocol created by our company to provide them with all the skills required to provide the best moving experience for our customers. 

We take all precautions in ensuring our customers are safe and comfortable. Each employee must succumb to rigorous criminal record checks. We will not hire any person who has been in trouble with the law. Just another reason to choose Total Distance Solutions for your moving needs.

Being a Montreal-based business, we understand the importance of hiring movers who speak both English and French. We can ensure your movers are bilingual upon request.

Living through the Covid-19 Pandemic has been extremely challenging for everyone. If vaccination status is important to our clients, we can ensure only movers who are vaccinated will be in your home. Keeping you safe is why you should choose Total Distance Solutions. 

Movers are assessed according to the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), thus stimulating our movers to strive to the best of their knowledge with no damage and excellent working performance. This is just another reason why we are one of the best long-distance moving companies in Canada.

About Total Distance Solutions

Long-Distance Moving Equipment

Our cross Canada long-distance movers are capable of involving different types of high-quality equipment when moving long-distance such as:

Standard packaging for items and moving equipment like moving blankets, tape, wrapping materials, bubble wrap, packing paper, wardrobe boxes, differently sized moving boxes, TV boxes, fixing and moving straps, 4-wheel dollies, etc.

We also provide moving skids when moving pianos, pool table slates, aquariums, and big and heavy items when bringing them downstairs or upstairs

Tailor-made craters for various fragile objects

Different tools for the disassembly and reassembly of simple or sophisticated furniture

Plastic bins for office moves

Wooden modulated bins for moving office equipment like computers, monitors, servers, etc. 

Long-Distance Moving Trucks

Why choose Total Distance Solutions? We have every sized truck that could ever be needed by a long-distance moving company in Canada.

We can provide: 

  • 53ft trailers 
  • 30ft box trucks 
  • 26ft box trucks 
  • 22ft box trucks
  • 20ft box trucks
  • Dodge Ram or Ford F150 Pickups for small items or consolidation for a long-distance move 
  • Crane trucks for lifting bulky and super heavy items via a balcony or through a window 
  • Tailgate equipped trucks 
  • Trucks equipped with an aluminum ramp 
  • Why choose Total Distance? Because we’ve thought of everything. We even have trucks equipped with a side door for tiny streets with parking problems.

Why choose Total Distance Solutions? Because we have the solution to all your moving needs and are one of the best long-distance moving companies in Canada.

About Total Distance Solutions

Storage and Long-Distance Moves

If you have a week or two between moving out of your old place and moving into your new place, don’t worry! Our interprovincial long-distance movers have our own storage facilities in Montreal for regrouped moves for big-scale moves in between the loading and unloading dates.

Over the years we have created relationships with many storage facilities all over Canada and these are trusted and verified partners with whom we have official agreements and guarantees.

We only chose the very best, clean, camera surveillance and well-protected storage facilities.

In the case of a long-distance move, we understand things come up and there are complications along the way. We also provide warehousing for our long-distance customers. Are you really still asking yourself why choose Total Distance Solutions? The answer is crystal clear! We are the best long-distance company in Canada!

About Total Distance Solutions

Quality Management System

Our customers' satisfaction is key. We understand that to continue having a successful moving company, our reputation is gold. We guarantee total satisfaction as word-of-mouth referrals mean the world to us and are just another reason to choose Total Distance Solutions as your interprovincial long-distance movers.

We call every single client after the move is done to ensure that our customers are entirely satisfied with their move. We want honest reviews to continually improve our performance. 

When dealing with big projects our representatives will assist onsite and coordinate the process from A to Z. Why choose Total Distance Solutions? There are 26 letters in the alphabet and that’s 26 reasons why to choose us for your move!

We can ask our clients to give us a quick interview (either a video or voice or sound interview), or to leave us a review, comments, or testimonials, etc. We value our customers' feedback, and this is another way for us to make sure we have complete customer satisfaction in order to be the best long-distance moving company in Canada.

About Total Distance Solutions

The Best Long-Distance Company in Canada

There are many moving companies out there but only one is as comprehensive as Total Distance Solutions. Don't waste your time thumbing through dozens of moving companies when you've already found the best. Why choose Total Distance?

The answer is easy.

We are your interprovincial long-distance movers and will do your job right and leave you fully satisfied. Call the best long-distance company in Canada or click on the link to get your free online quote!

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