Big Removals Require Big House Movers

When you have a large home, you are used to dealing with a lot. Balancing the cleaning, upkeep, and paying the bills feels like a juggling act most of the time. When it comes time to move, trying to add this huge undertaking to the mix can be a bit overwhelming. That’s when you call Total Distance Solutions, the big house removal experts, to assist you. 

Whether you have a 4-bedroom or 10-bedroom home, our big house movers are pros in dealing with the challenges of moving a large home. A lot of rooms – means a lot of stuff, and you can’t do it alone, and that’s why our long-distance house moving company is here to help!

Big Long-Distance House Removals

Top 3 Tips from Big House Removal Experts to Get you Prepared for A Big Move

Our long-distance house moving company can share with you all our knowledge about long-distance big house removals, including things we’ve learned along the way from customers just like you!

We’ve experienced a lot in our years of doing big long-distance house removals, and we’re happy to share some tips with our future customers!

Big Long-Distance House Removals

1. When Planning for A Big Move, You Have to Get Organized

When moving a large home, there are many things to sort through. This can be an enormous undertaking and leave you feeling completely debilitated. So, the very first thing you need to do is get yourself organized. 

Our long-distance house moving company suggests you get yourself a binder.

Even if you’re tech savvy, we have found that big house homeowners have found more success in having a physical way to organize during a move. 

Buy a set of dividers and make a section for the following things:

  • Checklists: Find online checklists and print them off to use as a guide to track the things you need to do during your move. There could be packing checklists, to-do checklists, etc. 
  • Movers: Have all the details of your long-distance house moving company in this section. Write down any important dates, record important notes from discussions and print off contracts in this section.
  • Utilities: This section is for you to print off cancellation notices for all your utilities and any documents associated with your new home and the utility services there. Also, record any important communications you have with any of them (don’t forget to record the name and badge number of the customer service representative you dealt with). This can be extremely helpful if things go wrong.
  • Receipts: You can use a large envelope or a divider/folder for this section. You may want to use several envelopes for different reasons. This section is for you to keep records of all your expenses made for your old house and the new one. For example, your carpet cleaning invoice or lamp for your new den. 

Our clients have told us that the simple act of having a moving binder has allowed their stress levels to drop significantly. Being organized is essential in big long-distance house removals.

2. Declutter Your Big Home for Your Big Move

No matter how neat and organized you may be, most people with big homes have a lot of things. Moving is the perfect time to get rid of the items you and your family are no longer using. It’s also a perfect time to get rid of old furniture and buy new things for your new place.

Our big house removal experts can easily haul away your old furniture or appliances along with your move. The big house movers with Total Distance Solutions are skilled in the removal of all types of things. We can even remove appliances from your new home so you can replace them with new ones. 

Big long-distance house removals usually involve:

  • Old kitchen appliances. Things like fridges, stoves, ovens, microwaves, freezers, range hoods, wine fridges, etc.
  • Laundry room appliances, like washers and dryers, built-in vacuum, etc.
  • Old furniture like couches, chesterfields, tables, chairs, entertainment centers, etc.

Our big house removal experts suggest homeowners go room by room and decide what items are going to the new home and which are not. Once you’ve made a list of things not going to your new place, you must decide if you want to donate these items, sell them, or ditch them.

There are many donation centers that will come to your home to pick up items for donation. Selling things online is simple to do and you’ve probably heard the old saying, “one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.” 

Something you perceive as junk may be worth something to someone else. If you have a lot of things to sell you can consider having a garage sale. This is an effective way to get rid of a lot of things at once. 

If you have many items you want to throw away, it can be helpful to rent a waste container or dumpster to be dropped off on your driveway. There are many junk removal services out there. This is a very convenient way to get rid of old things, plus it saves you from taking a trip to the dump.

3. Utilize the Services Offered by Your Big House Movers

Many of our past clients will tell you that hiring our big house movers to also provide other moving services has been a game changer in their big long-distance house removals. 

When you have a large house, the job of decluttering and sorting through all your things is a huge job on its own. Now add all the other tasks associated with moving, and you’ll be ready to pull your hair out if it hasn’t already fallen out due to stress.

A long-distance house moving company like Total Distance Solutions offers many great services that will help make a big move a much smaller challenge. 

Some of the services our big house movers offer: 

  • Professional packing services. Our big house movers are skillfully trained in packing techniques. We are fast, efficient, and so good at packing that our house moving company guarantees none of your items will be damaged during big long-distance house removals. 
  • Furniture assembly services. Our big house removal experts will disassemble all your large pieces of furniture and safely transport them. On arrival at your new home, we will reassemble everything leaving all your valuable things in perfect order.
  • New furniture pick-up and delivery. During big long-distance house removals, we often work with clients who are purchasing new furnishings. Our house moving company can arrange for pick-up and delivery of these items to make your life easier.
  • Old furniture removal. Part of being big house removal experts is our ability to do many kinds of removals. As mentioned previously, we can handle removal of furniture and appliances.
  • Vehicle transport. If you have a vehicle or vehicles to deliver during your big long-distance house removals, our house moving company can offer professional driving services to our valuable clients.
  • White glove service from start to finish. You can hire our house moving company to provide assistance in all aspects of your move, from packing to unpacking and everything in between. This elite service is available to all our customers regardless of the size of their move.

Our house moving company’s number one concern during big long-distance house removals is providing the best service and ensuring our clients are happy with the service they are receiving. 

Our big house movers are excited to discuss how we can accommodate your special moving needs. We can offer any one of the above services or a combination of a few depending on the specifics of the big long-distance house removals.

Big Long-Distance House Removals

A Long-Distance House Moving Company That Has Our Client’s Best Interest in Mind

Total Distance Solutions is a professional long-distance house moving company that never takes shortcuts. We are complete professionals that are in the business of moving and moving right! 

Our big house removal experts understand our client's unique challenges when dealing with big long-distance house removals. We have the experience and skills to assist you.

The first step is contacting our long-distance house moving company to discuss the specific details of your big house move. One of our representatives will arrive at your home to do a walk-through, or a virtual meeting will be arranged by our house moving company. 

We will provide you with a clear and comprehensive estimate of the costs associated with your move. You have nothing to lose when hiring the best big house removal experts. Give us a call or click the link to start the process.

Big Long-Distance House Removals