Types of Events our special events movers are experienced in dealing with:


Fashion show

Art and gallery exhibitions


Music festivals

Trade show exhibits

Community events

Craft fairs

Movie and film sets

Corporate events

Business pop-ups

If planning a big event, keep reading to learn our top 10 reasons to call our special events movers rather than trying to do it all yourself.

1. Focus on what really matters and let long-distance festival movers do the heavy lifting

Specialized movers for festivals are in the business of moving. They know the best way to pack up items and transport them in the safest way possible – some of the services are provided by specialized movers for festivals.


Our special events movers are experts in creating a detailed plan to include every possible need for your special event. No detail will go overlooked. We will work with the event planner to ensure every item is packed and moved in a way that fulfills the needs of the event.


Our special events movers can pack up the following:

  • Tables (cocktail tables, round tables, rectangular tables, specialty tables, picnic tables, etc.)
  • Chairs (foldable chairs, stacking chairs, lounge chairs, stools, benches, patio chairs, bleachers)
  • Tents, canopies, and accessories (pop-up shelters, canopy tents, frame tents, pole tents, clearspan tents, tent lighting heating and cooling machines, etc.)
  • Linens (tablecloths, napkins, table runners, table skirts, chair covers and ties, etc.)
  • Catering equipment (bars, bar equipment, BBQs and griddles, propane, catering appliances, kitchen prep and utensils, chafing dishes, food displays, trays, bowls, cake stands, beverage service, and miscellaneous items, etc.)
  • Concession equipment (popcorn machines, deep fryers, candy floss machines, carousel hot dog machine and bun warmer, snow cone machine, etc.) for long-distance moving for festivals 
  • Decor (archways, backdrop fabric and hardware, table decor and centerpieces, lanterns, votives, candelabras, chandeliers, dividers, pillars, faux plants, etc.)


If you have furniture needing disassembly, our long-distance moving for festivals can disassemble all items and safely protect them using moving blankets to ensure they arrive at their next destination unharmed. 

Our long-distance festival movers take extra precautions in caring for easily damaged items, ensuring that each piece is carefully protected and loaded onto the moving truck with care.


Our professional special events movers use proper techniques to load the truck or trucks to guarantee each item does not move during transport. Long-distance moving for festivals needs to be orchestrated in a specialized way as traveling long-distance gives more opportunities for items to move or shift in a truck. 

We are so confident in our loading and transport abilities that we can guarantee your items make it in one piece to their final destination, or we pay to replace them!


Once our specialized movers for festivals arrive at your next location, we can assist with the reassembly and set up of all your festival items. 

It’s like you have your own crew of special events movers to help get your special event up and running successfully.

2. Hiring special event movers guarantees less damage to items

When organizing a large-scale event, many people are often involved. Relying on people to help move and transport furniture and other items can result in things getting damaged or broken, especially when people are helping who don’t know the proper methods to move large and awkward things like tents, pillars, or concession equipment. These things are easily damaged and can cost thousands in replacement costs. 

Replacing these items can be pricey, so it makes sense to hire specialized movers for festivals in the first place. Even if you are renting these items for your event, our special events movers can help adequately pack up your things and deliver them to the rental warehouse. 

You may want to save costs when planning for your special event, but by hiring long-distance festival movers, you will be able to feel confident that there will not be any further costs for replacing items that could get damaged during a move. 

Total Distance Solutions and our long-distance moving for festivals will make you a promise to get your special event moved quickly, safely, and without any hassle.

Festivals & Events

3. Special events movers can take care of your storage needs so you don’t have to

If you are looking for long-term or short-term storage, Total Distance Solutions has you covered. Not only can we take down your event, but our long-distance festival movers can also transport everything to our own storage facility, where your items will be stored in our secure and heated warehouse. 

Utilizing our storage facility makes for an easy way to store your event items and then have them delivered when you need them, where you need them. Total Distance Solutions' specialized movers for festivals can bring your items to any location across Canada. Storing your even items with us provides you with a super convenient way to store and deliver items for your special events.

Festivals & Events

4. Special events movers provide pricing that works for your budget

When you require moving services for parties, events or festivals, our special events movers have a price to meet everyone’s budget. You can customize our services to meet the needs of your special event. 

You can hire our moving services for parties to set up your event and take down your event. Our special events movers can also come to disassemble things and take to storage or simply provide professional packing services. 

We can work together with our clients to come up with the right fit for your special event. Total Distance Solutions prides itself in simplifying the moving process for our clients and will do whatever possible to make moving a pleasurable experience. 

Give our customer service representatives a call to see what plan works best for you and your special event.


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