Imagine going through a grueling, long-distance move. You are exhausted; no, you are beyond that. You are bone-tired, worn out, and weary. You’ve spent countless hours, days, weeks, maybe even months dealing with a long-distance move.

Finally, you have arrived at your new home. All you want to do is crash in your bed and sleep for a few days…but wait, you have to unpack first. You don’t even have a bed set up to crash into!

That’s where unpacking services come into play. The long-distance unpacking service provided by Total Distance Solutions is a must-have addition to any long-distance move. Our unpacking services team will arrive at your new home along with the movers and unpack your entire home before you even get there! 

It would be an absolute dream to arrive at your new home and have it all set up, waiting for your arrival. That’s exactly what we provide when you hire our professional unpacking services for long-distance moves.

Unpacking Services

1. A Luxury or A Necessity

Unlike breathing, hiring an unpacking service is not a necessity…but it should be! Do you know how much easier your life would be if you didn’t have to worry about unpacking your things when you move? A long-distance unpacking service should be something everyone gets to experience when moving. 

Long-distance moving is stressful, having to deal with the following:

  • Canceling all utility services at your old house and setting up the new ones at your new location
  • Going through all your closets and getting rid of clothing you no longer want or need
  • Sorting through toys, games, and miscellaneous knick-knacks to give away, sell or throw away
  • Sorting through your garage and basement (which are typically momentous tasks)
  • Driving to the dump to dispose of garbage
  • Going to the recycle depot to drop off items needing recycling
  • Dealing with people coming to see the stuff you are trying to sell online
  • Cleaning and organizing your home to prepare for packing
  • Visit with friends and family who you won’t see because you are moving long-distance
  • Disassemble all furniture (bedroom, office, kitchen, living room, dining room, etc.)
  • Pack up…every…single…item…in…your…house
  • Load the moving truck with all things
  • Clean the house from top to bottom
  • Travel to your new home (book hotels, flights, if moving very long-distance)

By the time you finally arrive at your new destination, the last thing you want to deal with is the unpacking of all your things: thank goodness for unpacking services for long-distance moves.

2. Everything in Its Place

Still, need convincing that a long-distance unpacking service is for you? If you’ve moved before, think about how long it took you to unpack last time. 

The majority of people who’ve moved within the last 5 years likely still have a box or two (or more) somewhere in their home that has still not been unpacked. Why is that a thing? It’s because unpacking is an extremely time-consuming task. Once people unpack their necessities, they tend to lose momentum and think, “I’ll unpack that later” and later never comes.

When you hire a professional unpacking service, every single box gets unpacked, and things get put away. Each box is strategically unpacked, items are put together, and furniture is reassembled. Everything gets put in its new home. Our unpacking service will even get rid of packing material and boxes, so it’ll be as if you’ve always lived there. You’d never even know you moved.

Unpacking Services

3. Unpacking Expertise

A lot of times, when people unpack boxes, they just want to put things back the way they were at their old place. When hiring a long-distance unpacking service, it’s like having your own personal organizers. Because we deal so regularly with moving, our professional unpackers have a really good sense of how to improve the productivity of different spaces. 

Of course, our unpackers will always do what the customer prefers, but if you do want our opinion, we are more than happy to oblige! 

Part of the process will include a detailed discussion, including all the wants of the customer. Together we will make a detailed unpacking plan so that all our unpacking services will be executed to suit the wants and needs of the customer. 

What’s included when you hire our unpacking services for long-distance moves? Here’s a list:

  • Unpacking all boxes (in every room)
  • Unwrapping every item and identifying items that have been damaged or broken during the moving process (if you used our packing services as well, any item damaged or broken will be replaced at our cost)
  • Putting everything away (as per your wishes)
  • Reassembling all furniture and placing them in appropriate rooms
  • Hang curtains, pictures, art, TVs, shower curtains, etc. (all details will be discussed prior in order to make the best use of our time and yours)
  • Organize and put away items in the garage, basement, kitchen, etc. 
  • Remove all packing material from your home before we leave

You can choose all of the above services or just a few. We can fully customize your unpacking services when you call Total Distance Solutions for an estimate.

4. Peace of Mind

Hiring an unpacking service when moving long-distance is more than just a solution to a problem; it is a service that brings customers peace of mind. Moving is one of the most stressful events a person can go through in life and having a little (or a lot of help) with some of the tedious and unpleasant tasks of the moving process is worth its weight in gold!

Our unpacking services for long-distance moves are made up of a team of professional movers who are hard-working, skilled, and have excellent customer service skills. Our movers have chosen this career because they love it, and they are the best at it. When you take pride in what you do, you always put your best foot forward, so that’s what you get when you work with our moving company.

Hiring the long-distance unpacking service at Total Distance Solutions guarantees you are getting the very best quality service for the best competitive pricing. You won’t regret hiring an unpacking service, and you definitely won’t regret hiring Total Distance Solutions!

Unpacking Services

Don’t Be Nervous. Hire A Professional Unpacking Service

When it comes down to whether or not you should hire unpacking services, you will need to do what is right for you and your budget. But if you do decide to take advantage of an unpacking service for long-distance moves, give Total Distance Solutions a call.

Not only are we the best at what we do, but we can also work with your budget to ensure you get top-quality unpacking services for a great price. You deserve a stress-free moving experience, and our unpacking service can do just that. Give Total Distance Solutions a call today or click on the link below for a FREE estimate.

Unpacking Services