No matter what type of business you are moving, we have you covered. Be it an industrial space, warehouse, showroom, corporate office, branch locations, manufacturing facilities, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, hospitality services, retail spaces and the list of what we cover goes on-and-on!

The long-distance commercial movers at Total Distance Solutions are here to help guide you with your long-distance commercial relocation.

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Commercial Moving

Difference Between A Commercial Mover and A Residential Mover

A residential move involves moving one’s home, apartment, or place of residence, which is generally a straightforward process. Most people have a variety of belongings to move, there may be some large heavy items, but typically, most moving companies have the basic equipment and manpower to handle a residential move.

A long-distance commercial relocation is a whole new ballgame. No two long-distance commercial relocations are alike, and they usually involve many more moving parts than a residential move. 

Not every moving company is equipped to handle long-distance business moving. However, if you choose Total Distance Solutions as your long-distance commercial movers you can trust, you’ve hired a company with the experience and expertise to meet the needs of your commercial move whether it be a small long-distance office relocation or a huge, corporate long-distance commercial relocation. 

A long-distance commercial relocation is a complicated process involving many steps and logistics. Our long-distance business moving company has handled the smallest long-distance office relocation to complete commercial warehouses and plants. 

We have all the heavy-duty equipment required to move even the most complicated long-distance commercial stuff. We have our own various-sized trucks to meet your every need, big 53 ft trailers, tailgate, dock level trucks and crane trucks. 

Our expert long-distance commercial movers have years of first-hand experience working with businesses to get the move completed with the least number of interruptions to its daily operations. At Total Distance Solutions we understand that every moment that your business is not running, you are losing potential profit and we take this very seriously.

We offer exceptional services for your long-distance commercial relocation to get you out of your past space and into the new one in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. You can trust our long-distance commercial movers to get the job done right, on time, and on budget.

1. Unbeatable Quality of A Commercial Moving Service

Our process is simple, concise, and well-structured. Once you contact us, we will provide you with a free on-site consultation. An estimator will arrange a walk-through to accurately evaluate every part of your business as it relates to your long-distance commercial relocation. From logistics to inventory, we will cover everything. 

If an in-person evaluation isn’t possible, we will do it virtually online through a video conferencing app of your choice. No matter which way we complete our estimation process, you will get an accurate estimate outlining our gameplan to make your move go as smoothly as possible. 

We don’t offer blanket estimates for a long-distance commercial relocation as there are so many variables involved. You can trust our long-distance commercial movers to be attentive to your unique needs. 

We are universal business movers, and our customer service representatives will discuss with you all the services we offer from packing, loading, transportation until unloading and unpacking, and disassembly and reassembly of desks, workstations, office furniture, etc. 

We know as a business owner you expect to be abreast on everything going on with your long-distance office relocation. Rest assured that our long-distance commercial movers will be in contact with you every step of the way. You will be involved in the entire process and will never be left in the dark when it comes to your long-distance commercial relocation. 

Total Distance Solutions is considered one of the best long-distance business moving companies in the business for many reasons. 

First, we have multiple sized trucks and all the appropriate moving equipment needed during a long-distance commercial relocation. All our equipment and trucks are in excellent condition, meticulously cleaned and maintained in order to provide the very best for our customers. 

Secondly, our movers are skilled and efficient, and we pride ourselves on having the most polite and helpful long-distance business movers. As you know, communication is key in running a successful business, and our movers have all the customer service skills to blow your socks off. When you hire the best, you get the best.

2. Long-Distance Commercial Moving Companies Across Canada

Our long-distance business movers help commercial businesses move all over Canada and the continental United States. A lot of our business is involved in Ontario and Quebec however we have moved from coast to coast to help with a long-distance commercial relocation. 

Now, relocating a business involves a lot more than just a general transport of items from here to there. There is a lot of planning, organizing, scheduling, and executing involved in a long-distance commercial relocation and it's imperative to hire an experienced moving company like Total Distance Solutions. We understand the magnitude of a long-distance business relocation and have the skills and knowhow to get it done right.

Commercial Moving

3. Commercial Long-Distance Movers from Canada to US

For a long-distance commercial relocation from Canada to the US, our reputable long-distance commercial movers will take good care of you! We move all over these two countries. We focus primarily on moves from Quebec and Ontario to anywhere and everywhere across Canada and the US. We do not, however, move from Vancouver to Seattle, but will move from Montreal to Vancouver or Seattle. 

Our long-distance commercial movers move from any point in the US to Ontario and Quebec and any town, city, or province within the distance range starting at 400-600 Km. 

When it comes to crossing the border, we usually leave customs clearing to the customer, to fill out all the necessary customs documents etc. However, in certain circumstances Total Distance Solutions can assume this job, although conditions apply. Give us a call today to inquire. 

The length of time for a long-distance commercial relocation depends on several factors. Things like packing and preparations required, loading, transportation, clearing customs, the time of year you are traveling (weather conditions), unloading, unpacking, assembly, and disassembly of furniture, etc.

Commercial Moving

4. Commercial Long-Distance Move: Is It Worth?

One word…YES! Hiring long-distance commercial movers could be pricey, but it’s so worth the cost. Trying to orchestrate a long-distance business relocation on your own is a huge undertaking, so many things can go wrong that could end up costing you more in the long run.

There are many ways to save money on a long-distance commercial relocation. You can organize employees to help with the packing rather than paying the moving company to do this. You can avoid high-season moves from April-July, if possible, as moving during peak times will cost you more. 

You can try to minimize the things you are moving. Use this as a time to downsize your business furniture and go for a more minimalist approach. Trying some of these tips can save you hundreds on a long-distance office relocation.

Commercial Moving

5. Regrouping Options and Commercial Long-Distance Moving

Another great way to save costs on a long-distance office relocation is to try the regrouping option. You would then share the truck with other businesses making a long-distance move to the same location as you.

This can take a longer term of delivery such as 1-3 months, although for the amount of money you can save, this is a realistic option for some smaller businesses. 

Not to worry about having to make any of the arrangements. Our long-distance business moving company will arrange everything! Including the truck, according to the unloading order; we organize the entire moving process from A to Z. 

If the waiting period is too long, we have storage facilities to store your items safely. We involve the storage costs to the client depending on the size of the storage facility, the distance from loading point to storage and the period and resources involved in moving your items there. 

Our trucks and equipment are impeccably clean and in the event of a regrouped move, we separate and divide the truck into zones so clients’ items remain separate from each other. We also disinfect our trucks after each job, guaranteeing pristine condition for all our clients. 

Regrouping your move is an excellent option for general transport, including transport of pallets or any type of merchandise not requiring special licenses or certificates. We also will not transport hazardous or flammable materials. 

A regrouped move for shipping your items is an excellent option for those clients who are shipping to a location and then returning to Montreal, as this is the location of our starting point too and you can find some excellent moving rates with Total Distance Solutions.

6. Cross-Country Long-Distance Moving Service of Heavy Commercial Equipment

We specialize in a long-distance commercial relocation of any type of business, no matter how big or small. We move all types of shops, restaurants, bakeries, bars, cafes, storage facilities, manufacturing equipment, Industrial and corporate relocations, and medical and educational institutes. Nothing is impossible with Total Distance Solutions.



Retail Restoration


Schools & Institutes


Festivals & Events


Corporate Relocation

Government Moves

Full Packing Services

Partial Packing Services

Some of the services we offer for long-distance commercial relocations are (but not limited to):

  • All types of office equipment 
  • Commercial printers & photocopiers
  • Small and big aquariums
  • Pianos/pool tables/ snooker tables

Our long-distance business moving company also provides installation services for all the above. 

Any object exceeding 260 lbs. would be an extra charge and would be estimated according to such factors and circumstances as:

  1. the weight, 
  2. whether there are staircases or steps involved, 
  3. the number of movers required, 
  4. the special equipment needs (for example: a crane truck), 
  5. the period of the year, day of the week, night or day, etc. 

We are totally transparent with our pricing, and you will know exactly what you will pay upfront if all information is disclosed.