Packing Services Done Right

At Total Distance Solutions, we understand that a long-distance move involves a lot of planning, cleaning, sorting, organizing, donating, recycling, and dumping, just to name a few tasks on a homeowner’s plate. Let our professional long-distance packers step in and take on some of the work when moving long-distance.

When you hire expert long-distance packers from Total Distance Solutions to help with your move, you are getting more than just basic packing services. We offer long-distance partial packing services to meet every possible packing scenario our customers may be faced with.

Partial Packing Services

Our skilled long-distance packers provide the following:

Use only the best quality boxes that offer strong, reliable support to contain your things when packing for long-distance moves

Offer a variety of sized boxes to suit your every moving need

Packing services only use top-of-the-line materials for packing, including packing paper, bubble wrap, cellophane wrap, Styrofoam, and heavy-duty packing tape

Individually wrap every item (every spoon, every plate, etc.) with thick packing paper or bubble wrap depending on the fragility of the object. Every item is treated like it’s made of gold by our long-distance packers

Our long-distance packers can pack up every room in your home, or only a single room if that’s what is desired. You can choose from long-distance partial packing services or go with the whole shebang, and we can pack up everything for you.

We can pack oversized items like big-screen TVs, large-framed art, vases, mirrors, etc.

Our long-distance packers can pack your small kitchen appliances like kitchen stand-mixers, espresso/coffee machines, air fryers, woks, tabletop grills, blenders, etc.

Packing services can even protect and move your large household appliances like fridges, stoves, microwaves, freezers, washers, dryers, etc.

Packing for long-distance moves includes computers and other home tech equipment, like stereos, sound equipment, computer hard drives, printers/copiers, etc.

We offer specialized boxes to suit certain needs. Packing expensive clothes in wardrobe boxes, mirror boxes for valuable mirrors, partition boxes for expensive China cabinets, etc.

All of our long-distance packers are specially trained in the art of packing. They use trusted methods to keep all of your valuable items protected during a long-distance move. In fact, we are so confident in our packing abilities we will guarantee the boxes that we pack for you.

Looking for long-distance partial packing services and only need one or two rooms packed up? No problem! Our long-distance packers can customize our packing services to meet your needs and your budget.

Partial Packing Services

Moving Long-Distance Is Easy When You Hire Our Long-Distance Packers

We all know that moving is at the top of the list of things people don’t like to do. So why make it even harder on yourself by tackling all the moving tasks on your own? Using a professional packing service can not only save you the hassle of packing for long-distance moves, but it can also save you a lot of time. Time that could be spent on other things. 

Here is a list of things you can do to make moving long-distance easier than you ever thought possible:

  • Make a checklist of things to do. This may seem obvious, but there is nothing more satisfying than checking off completed tasks and seeing your list of ‘to dos’ shrink when moving long-distance.
  • Once you’ve made your list, start getting organized. When packing for long-distance moves it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Don’t look at the job as a whole, instead break it down into smaller pieces. For example, start in one room and tackle one thing at a time. Start with the closet, and sort through clothes and other items stored there. Then move on to the next things in the room. Breaking jobs down into bite-sized pieces makes packing for long-distance moves, way more manageable. 
  • Take items you don’t want anymore to the dump or recycle center. Decluttering your home will feel amazing and make the job of packing by long-distance packers that much easier.
  • Get rid of old or broken things. This is a difficult task for some homeowners, especially if the items have sentimental value. But holding on to something that is no longer serving a purpose is doing nothing but taking up space. When you are moving long-distance, it’s the perfect opportunity to get rid of things like this. Especially when hiring long-distance partial packing services, it’s more affordable to have fewer items to pack. 
  • Sell things online. If you have items that still have value, but you just don’t use or need them anymore, try selling them through an online marketplace. Selling things online is easy and convenient and you can make quite a bit of money that can help pay for your packing services.
  • Clean as you go. Once long-distance packers have packed up a room, get in there and do the cleaning. Dust blinds, surfaces and baseboards, vacuum, wipe down the walls and fill any holes, dents, or damage. Doing this room by room, allows you to deal with manageable amounts of cleaning instead of leaving it all to the end. The last thing you need is to run around and clean a big house after packing for long-distance moves. The only thing you will have to do at the end is minor paint touch-ups and wash the floor and/or vacuum the main entryway.

DIY or Hire Long-Distance Packers?

When deciding whether or not to hire long-distance partial packing services it can come down to budget. What kind of packing services can you afford? 

Some people will say that a DYI project will cost you nothing…but is that actually true? It really depends on how much your time is worth to you. DIY projects can be rewarding when they are fun, and you get something out of it in the end. Packing doesn’t really fit into that category. 

If you were able to pay long-distance packers to come in and pack up your home, it would save you dozens of hours and a load of effort. What is that worth? 

Once you decide on a budget that works for your lifestyle, you can call up your long-distance partial packing company and come up with a plan. Packing for long-distance moves can be totally customizable when you hire long-distance packers from Total Distance Solutions. 

We can pack up a few rooms for you and you can do the rest. For example, a lot of people need help packing up their kitchen so our long-distance packers can take care of that for you. Some customers don’t want to deal with the basement or garage, so our long-distance partial packing services can take care of that task for you. That is what’s so great about working with a moving company that offers long-distance partial packing services.

Long-Distance Packing Company

No matter how complicated a move you have, the long-distance packers at Total Distance Solutions are happy to assist with your packing needs. Whether it’s packing up an entire estate home, or a small one-bedroom apartment, our packing services is fully customizable to suit your individual packing needs.

Don’t wait another minute dwelling on whether or not you should hire long-distance partial packing services. Call Total Distance Solutions today to find a packing plan that works for you! Give us a call or click the link for your FREE estimate.

Partial Packing Services