Long-Distance Movers from West to East

Moving out of province involves many subtleties. So, making a move from the West to the East can be a challenge. Our Alberta long-distance movers can make a move from Alberta to Ontario as easy as drinking a cold beer on a hot day. 

Our Alberta movers specialize in the following Alberta moves: 

  1. Moving from Calgary to Toronto 
  2. Moving from Calgary to Montreal 
  3. Moving from Calgary to Ottawa 
  4. Moving from Calgary to Gaspésie 
  5. Moving from Calgary to Hamilton 
  6. Moving from Calgary to Kingston 
  7. Moving from Calgary to the US  

Our long-distance movers can move both individuals and companies from any point in Alberta to any point on the East Coast. Whether moving for personal reasons or work, our long-distance moving company can make an interprovincial move as simple as just clicking a button or picking up the phone!

Alberta long-distance movers also specialize in:

  • Moving from Edmonton to Ontario, Quebec
  • Moving from Edmonton to New Brunswick, Nova Scotia
  • Moving from Edmonton to the US
Alberta Long-Distance Movers

1. Alberta Long-Distance Movers - Residential Moving Services

Alberta long-distance movers offer all the comprehensive services of a responsible moving company when dealing with any kind of residential move. Whether you are moving a huge ranch in southern Alberta, an executive estate home in Calgary, or a premium high-rise condo in downtown Edmonton, our long-distance movers can handle any type of move. 

Our long-distance moving company offers moving services from small and simple residential item delivery from Alberta to any province on the West Coast and up to a very complex, well-organized large property relocation down south to the US. Alberta long-distance movers can move all across Canada and the continental US, with ease. Our Alberta movers can get you to where you need to go!

Alberta Long-Distance Movers

2. Commercial Relocation from Alberta to Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia

Making a commercial move with Alberta movers is quick, easy, and cost-effective. Our Alberta long-distance movers pride themselves in taking the very best care of our clients and their circumstances. Our long-distance moving company looks at each move on a case-by-case basis and can handle many types of commercial moves, such as:

  • Business moves over long distances 
  • Complex company relocation between provinces by Alberta long-distance movers
  • General transport of goods, except food, liquids, inflammable and dangerous materials
  • Alberta movers will transport pallets with or without merchandise 
  • Alberta long-distance movers can do full furniture disassembly and reassembly services for businesses      
Alberta Long-Distance Movers

3. Regrouped Moves from Alberta to Quebec and Ontario

Because we are a Montreal-based long-distance moving company, our routes all come through Quebec (Montreal specifically). That is why we have much more availability for doing regrouped moves in this direction, namely to Ontario, our neighboring province where our trucks are quite often seen. Our long-distance moving company is a great choice for handling your regrouped move.

A regrouped move is an excellent option if you only have a small move or a few items to relocate. Your items will share a truck with other clients moving to the same location. Perhaps you are dealing with a divorce or separation and only need to move a few items from your home, or maybe it's a business move and only a few offices need to be relocated. Whatever your reason for needing a partial move, our long-distance movers can make it happen!

A great advantage of a regrouped move is that you can save money because you are sharing a truck with other clients, but you may have to deal with delays due to having to wait for other items. Each regrouped move is very individual and unique and the best way to know if a regrouped move is the right option for you is to give our Alberta long-distance movers a call!

Alberta Long-Distance Movers

4. Are We Alberta Local Movers?

No, we are not! We are not competitors for the local movers in Alberta (Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, etc.) and we provide only long-distance moving services from or to Alberta. We don't do local moves within Alberta. We leave that up to local Alberta movers. Our purpose is to fully satisfy our customers' long-distance needs while relocation, including but not limited to:

  • Moving regular and standard furniture over long distances
  • Moving fragile objects such as portraits, sculptures, aquariums, vases, antique furniture, etc.  
  • Moving extremely bulky or heavy objects such as pool tables and snooker tables (with a full assembly and leveling service), pianos, heavy gun safes, treadmills, etc. Our Alberta movers can take care of it!
  • Full disassembly and reassembly service of furniture during a long-distance move 
Alberta Long-Distance Movers

5. Total Distance Solutions in Alberta

Unfortunately, we do not yet have a branch office in Alberta to have in-person meetings and make appointments with our customers, but we encourage all our clients to get an online quote or give us a call! 

Thankfully, we live in the day and age of technology and it's easy to meet virtually through a video conference which is a service we also offer. Our bilingual representatives will be happy to answer any questions and try to help you as fast and efficiently as possible.

Alberta Long-Distance Movers