Home Furniture Assembly While Moving Long Distance

The expert movers at Total Distance Solutions offer you furniture assembly for both home and office and when you hire professionals, you can sleep easy knowing your valuable furniture is being properly cared for and transported during a move.

Large pieces of furniture are the most challenging household items to move. Especially household furniture like:

Furniture Assembly

Bedroom furniture (beds, mattresses, dressers, nightstands, armoires, desks, mirrors, vanity tables, benches, etc.)

Living room furniture (sofas, couches, sectionals, coffee tables, end tables, bookshelves, entertainment centers, etc.)

Dining room furniture (dining tables, elaborate chairs, China cabinets, sideboards, buffet tables, hutches, etc.)

Kitchen Furniture (kitchen table and seating, cabinets, rolling tables, shelving, kitchen islands, buffets, bar stools, pots, and pans rack, etc.)

Basement furniture (entertainment center, theater chairs, gym equipment, pool tables, arcade games, etc.)

Home office furniture (desks, filing cabinets, shelving, side tables, etc.)

Our team of movers and furniture assemblers know the magic of furniture assembly while moving long-distance, so even the largest and most cumbersome piece of furniture can be moved with ease if done correctly. 

Furniture assembly while moving long-distance isn’t rocket science, but it definitely requires someone that knows what they’re doing when taking apart furniture for moving day. Otherwise, you could end up with a broken or damaged piece of furniture before you even get it out the door. 

Our movers frequently do home furniture assembly while moving long-distance so they are aware of the delicacies of certain materials. Therefore, no matter what type or brand of furniture you have, you can trust that our long-distance movers will do a great job moving them. 

Our furniture assembly service goes like this:

  1. Our furniture assembly team arrives at your home, ready to work. 
  2. They come prepared with all the home furniture assembly tools to get the job done right
  3. Depending on how many movers are hired to do furniture assembly while moving long-distance, they will tack furniture room by room 
  4. In each room, they will take apart furniture, putting all screws, brackets, washers, and bolts into a sealed bag. Every item will be labeled and tracked so the same hardware will be used to reassemble the same piece of furniture. We are very meticulous with this, so no mistakes are made
  5. Furniture that can become damaged easily will be carefully wrapped and protected with moving blankets. The blankets will be secured with plastic wrap.
  6. Each piece of furniture will be carefully transported to the moving truck
  7. All furniture is precisely packed into the truck so as to not allow for movement during transport
  8. Once we arrive at your new home, your furniture will be scrupulously unpacked and reassembled in the designated room for each item 
  9. You will not be able to tell your furniture has been taken apart because of the exceptional job our long-distance movers and furniture assemblers have done reassembling everything.

Our home furniture assembly team takes this job very seriously as we understand the great value your household furniture has to our customers. We always handle each job with great care and concern with furniture assembly while moving long-distance.

Office Furniture Assembly

When relocating a business or office, there is often a lot of office furniture assembly required. The furniture assembly experts at Total Distance Solutions offer superb office furniture assembly while moving long-distance for all types of businesses moving all over Canada and the continental US. 

There is a wide variety of types of office furniture, but we can provide office assembly services for all kinds of furnishings, such as:

Furniture Assembly

Desks (computer desks, team workstations, standing desks, reception desks, L-shaped desks, etc.)

Office chairs (ergonomic chairs, executive chairs, reception chairs and seating, boardroom chairs, folding and stackable chairs, ball chairs, industrial drafting chairs, bistro chairs, gaming chairs, stools, etc.)

Storage (cabinets, bookcases, credenzas, file cabinets, lockers, wardrobe storage units, multi-storage systems, heavy-duty metal cabinets, wall-mounted cabinets, etc.)

Office tables (conference tables, board tables, collaboration tables, counters, etc.)

Other (partitions and panels, screens, whiteboards, coat racks, etc.)

Office furniture assembly while moving long-distance can be a large undertaking, especially if it is a large office building being relocated. Our office furniture assembly team is well-equipped to get even a large-scale office move underway. We take pride in being extremely organized in orchestrating this type of move, and our long-distance movers and furniture assemblers are ready to get started on your next furniture assembly project. Even if you are just making a local move, our office furniture assembly team can assist you.

Long-Distance Movers and Furniture Assemblers

It doesn’t matter if you are making a personal or business move, our long-distance movers and furniture assemblers are happy to help out. 

Not only do we offer furniture assembly while moving long-distance, but we can also provide professional packing services. This service includes:

  • Packing up all your household items using only the very best in packing materials
  • Carefully transporting your things to the moving truck, and then unpacking everything in your new location

We can pack anything, no matter how big, small, or valuable, we use exclusive packing methods that keep even the most fragile object safe during your move.

Our long-distance movers and furniture assemblers also move household appliances. Things like fridges, microwaves, ovens, stoves, overhead range hoods, freezers, dishwashers, washers, and dryers, etc.

Our furniture assembly movers even offer specialty moving services for pianos and pool tables. Not just anyone should move a piano. These delicate and valuable instruments require very careful transportation as they can very easily become damaged during a move. Our long-distance movers and furniture assemblers have been rigorously trained in the proper methods of piano moving. 

The home furniture assembly team also offers professional pool-table and billiard table transport. These tables need to be disassembled by professionals as they can be irreversibly damaged by improper techniques.

Thankfully, when you hire the best furniture assembly movers, you get expertly trained pool table movers. We know how to take apart these super heavy tables and transport them correctly using the best furniture assembly practices. We even know how to replace the table felt if necessary. When you need a moving job done right, you call Total Distance Solutions.

Best Furniture Assembly Experts in the Moving Industry

When you’re making a move and have a lot of furnishings, it makes sense to hire the best in the business. Total Distance Solutions offers expert-level furniture assembly while moving long-distance, and you can trust us 100% with your valuable furniture. No matter the make, no matter the model of furniture, our professional long-distance movers and furniture assemblers will take the best care of your things, no matter how far you are moving.

If you’re reading this article, you must be looking for furniture assembly experts, so why wait even one more minute to call the best in the biz? Give us a call today or click the link for your FREE estimate.

Furniture Assembly