Regrouped Moves…What Exactly Are They?

Regrouped moves also known as consolidated moves, are a type of move that allows you to share the cost of a moving truck, gas, driver, and movers with other customers moving to the same direction as yourself. 

This may sound strange at first but hear us out. Here, at Total Distance Solutions, we are doing more and more regrouped moves because many people are looking for ways to cut down costs and also downsize their lifestyles. If this sounds like you, regrouped moves may be the way to go. 

Regrouped Moves

Are Regrouped Moves Right for Me?

If you are moving locally or making a long-distance move, there are many things to consider. How large is the home you are moving from and moving to? How many large pieces of furniture or heavy items do you have? Things like sectionals, China cabinets, pianos, pool tables, large dining tables, desks, cabinets, etc.

Total Distance Solutions has a variety of sizes of moving trucks ranging from 20ft to 53ft and depending on how many things you have to move, any one of them could be the right fit for you. 

Now if you have only a small apartment or are a student moving out of your parent's home, long-distance regrouped moves may be an option. 

Maybe you are going through a divorce and need to move a few items into storage until you figure out what comes next, one of our consolidated moves may be a perfect solution. 

Perhaps a senior parent is leaving their family home to move into a long-term care facility, regrouped moves can be just what you need.

Are you ready to start a small business in another province and want to move a few items, furniture, or equipment but don’t want to pay for a full-sized truck, long-distance regrouped moves are a viable option.

Even if you are a typical homeowner, ready to downsize and move into a smaller home in another province, a long-distance regrouping move can help you start a new, simpler life. 

There are so many scenarios that would be perfect options for regrouped moves. The best way to know if your move would do well as a long-distance regrouping is to contact us directly. We would love to help you! No matter what reason you are moving long-distance, the experts at Total Distance Solutions can help you get to your new destination efficiently and conveniently.

Tips to Downsize for Regrouped Moves

Our regrouped moves experts at Total Distance Solutions have helped hundreds of clients downsize their home so we can offer many great tips to plan for consolidated moves:

  • If you have a large home and want to consider the regrouped moves option, then take a good look at what things in your home you are willing to part with. Many people realize that they have a lot of things that are unnecessary no longer needed, or no longer serving a purpose. Go room by room doing an inventory of items you no longer need or want. Get rid of these things by selling them online, recycling them, or donating them to a local charity or donation center. 
  • After you have gone through all the rooms of your house, you can now begin to downsize even further. Now take a closer look at the items you’ve kept. For example, if you have 15 pairs of shoes, consider choosing your top 3 pairs for every season. If you can’t part with your shoes, consider giving away other things. If you have 8 white shirts, try to narrow down your selection to half. 
  • Get rid of excess things. For example, do you have 2 giant bins filled with your kids' schoolwork and art projects? Go through those bins and select some of your favorites then discard the rest. The reality is, you likely won’t ever look at your son’s grade 3 math quiz again, so why are you keeping it? It’s sometimes difficult to part with sentimental things, but the key is to keep the most important things and let go of the rest.

When making regrouped moves, the less you have to move, the better and the more affordable your move will be. So, every box or piece of furniture you can eliminate saves a lot of space on the truck.


What Are Some Other Tips for Long-Distance Regrouping?

First of all, when considering regrouped moves, contact a long-distance moving company. They can give you valuable information about the options available with their moving company. For instance, if you are moving from Montreal to Toronto, the company can tell you if there are other customers also moving to Toronto. 

They can then give you an estimate of when the truck would be traveling to Toronto. If the timing doesn’t work for you, no need to worry, there will be another truck for regrouped moves. We try to coordinate the best we can with customers; however, there is the possibility of some wait time for delivery. If there is a discrepancy in your move-out and move-in dates, we can easily keep your items in storage in the interim for your long-distance regrouping move.

Regrouped Moves

Depending on where you are moving to, the wait time could be a few days to a few weeks. We frequently move customers to several cities, so if those cities happen to be your final destination, your regrouped moves may happen much sooner than if you are moving to a less traveled city. Regardless of where you are moving, our regrouped moves experts will inform you of your options when you call for your initial consultation. 

Another tip when moving is to hire a moving company that specializes in long-distance regrouped moves like Total Distance Solutions. If you go with a smaller moving company, you may be waiting a lot longer before a truck is full to make a move to your destination. Because we are such a busy long-distance moving company, and especially if you are moving to one of our common destinations, you’re likely to get there sooner than later.

Regrouped Moves

Can Total Distance Solutions Store My Items for Long-Distance Regrouped Moves?

You bet we can! Total Distance Solutions has our very own storage facility. We can keep your things safe in our clean and secure warehouse with 24-hour surveillance. You need not worry one bit about your precious things while they are in our care. 

The process works like this:

  •  We will arrive at your home or office and pick up your items on our scheduled date. (You can also hire our movers to pack up your things and disassemble and reassemble your furniture)
  • Your items will be inventoried and labeled so no mix-ups will occur. 
  • We will then take your things to our storage facility, where they will all be carefully unloaded into our heated, secure storage facility. 
  • When the truck is ready to head to your destination, our movers will pick up your stored items for your regrouped moves. Then they will be delivered as scheduled. 

All of the details will be outlined clearly and concisely in your initial assessment. Our movers will work with you to determine the best course of action for your particular move. You will know everything upfront. There are never any surprise fees when making long-distance regrouped moves with Total Distance Solutions. So, call us today to get a free estimate for your long-distance regrouped move.

How Do Consolidated Moves Save Me Money?

The math is simple, less to move = more savings. Consolidated moves save you money because you share the cost of the truck, gas, and driver with other customers. You may have to be a little flexible with your time, but it’s worth it to save big on the transit of your items. 

Another way regrouped moves are more affordable is in a situation where you haven’t found a new place to live yet. Storing your items for a bit of time saves you money on your mortgage or rent. Plus, Total Distance Solutions has its own storage facility, so you are saving money with us since we are also doing your move. You don’t have to go out and find a separate place to store your things, plus pay for the transport of your things to and from.

Regrouped Moves