Our team of church movers are dedicated and hard-working people who want to help move churches in the most respectful way possible. When moving a place of faith, there are certain things to be considered that make them different from a typical move of a residence. 

When you call our church relocation services, we will discuss, in great detail, all the requirements of your church move. No request is too great when it comes to moving churches. We understand these sacred spaces are to be handled with the utmost courtesy and care. And that is exactly what you will get when you hire Total Distance Solutions.

Church Relocation

Get A Free Estimate when You Call Our Church Relocation Services

The first step in moving churches is to contact our reliable long-distance church relocation specialists. When you get in touch with our customer service representatives, you will be walked through the moving process. We will first ask a series of questions in order to fully understand the requirements of your move.

Our church movers will want to know: 

  • What is the square footage of the church?
  • How many rooms are involved in the move?
  • What types of furniture will be moved in your long-distance church relocation?
  • Are there stairs or elevator access?
  • Will this furniture require disassembly and then reassembly at the new church?
  • Are there items needing to be packed when moving churches? (If so, our church movers will use only the best and most reliable materials to pack your things. Including sturdy boxes of various sizes, packing paper, bubble wrap, and heavy-duty packing tape)
  • Are there any special moving methods needed in order to move sacred objects?
  • Will you require our professional packing services? When moving churches there may be several small items that require packing. Even office items and confidential documents can be packed and moved with ease. Our church movers will handle even the most sensitive material with the highest respect.
  • Are there any super heavy objects to be moved? (example: pews, large alters, podiums, statues, etc.)
  • What is the distance between locations? Is it a local relocation or a long-distance church relocation? (Our church relocation services can accommodate a move across Canada or a move across the city)
  • What month are you looking to move? What day of the week? High season (May-July) is much busier and moving prices are increased due to the high need for our skilled church movers. If you are looking for a discounted rate, moving during the off-season (August-April) and during the week (not on weekends) is going to be your best choice. 

As you can see, there are many factors that are considered when making a long-distance church relocation. Our church relocation services at Total Distance Solutions are more than happy to help you prepare a plan for your church relocation.

Prepare for Church Movers

Once you’ve chosen a moving date and hired church relocation services, you can now prepare for your move. If you have taken advantage of our packing services, there is little for you to do in terms of packing things. However, moving is a great opportunity to purge the things you have in your possession that are no longer needed or serving a purpose.

You can even get your parishioners involved in purging things the church does not need to bring to its new location. You can have a rummage sale and raise some money to help with the costs of your long-distance church relocation. 

Another way you can prepare for moving churches is to get help taking inventory. Having a concise inventory list of all furniture and other items will help with keeping track of all the things being moved in your long-distance church relocation.

Church Relocation

Get Parishioners Involved

When moving churches, many members of the current church community will feel a sense of disappointment that their place of faith is being relocated. Ensure that you inform your congregation of the plans for your long-distance church relocation, and make sure you offer services or special times to visit the church before your moving day.

Many churchgoers view a church as a special place for worship and connection and it will be a shock when announcing a long-distance church relocation. But by giving a lot of notice and chances for followers to be a part of the moving process, you will be making this transition easier for even the most devout parishioners.

If moving long-distance perhaps a closing celebration would be appreciated. Saying goodbye to a faith community is difficult but necessary to close one chapter and open a new one.

Church Relocation

Make Connections in Your New Community

Our church relocation services have helped a number of churches move and we can provide you with this sound advice when moving churches. Saying goodbye to your old community is important but also making strong connections with your new followers is integral in continuing the strong momentum of a faith community.  

You can do this by volunteering in your new community prior to making your move there. Depending on how far away your new location is, you can make connections with your new community in person or through social media.

Church Relocation