Whether you are moving departments or moving government institutions, we have tried and implemented true moving methods to move confidential material with discretion and professionalism. 

Total Distance Solutions is a top-class moving company specializing in government moves.

Government Moves

Moving Government Institutions with Ease

List of government institutions we can help move (not limited to):
  • Office buildings (including the entire floor plan, small offices, conference rooms, meeting centers, staff rooms, etc.)
  • Banks (tables, office furniture, counters, dividers, bookshelves, heavy safes, filing cabinets, etc.)
  • Museums (showcases, large displays, benches, artifacts, art pieces, etc.)
  • Agencies (desks, conference tables, front counters, etc.)
  • State corporations (office furniture of all types, executive offices, reception areas, meeting spaces, etc.) 
  • Courts (benches, lecterns, wheelchair-accessible workstations, monitor carts, cabinets, kiosks, digital signage, evidence carts, console tables, witness stands, etc.)
  • Library and archives (desks, bookcases, shelving, lounge seating, display cases, youth furniture, storage facilities, etc.)

No matter the type of government moves, our movers specialize in public institution moves of all kinds. Our customer service representatives can assess government moves and give you an accurate estimate of the process of your move. We will present you with a detailed estimate of all costs involved in your move. We can offer various-size trucks to accommodate even the largest government moves. 

We will even offer to move during evenings or weekends to offer the least disruptions during a large-scale move. 

When moving government institutions like museums or archives that house extremely valuable or priceless items, Total Distance Solutions can offer specialty moving services to accommodate these special circumstances.

Some items require exquisite care and attention, (transporting rare artifacts, antiques, or Canadian treasures) and our movers can offer specialized moving services to meet even the most scrupulous needs during government moves.

Professional Packing for Government Moves

Moving governmental organizations require a moving company that is familiar with moving departments and government moves.

Total Distance Solutions offers exceptionally skilled movers and packers that can move office furniture and equipment with ease. We understand that moving governmental organizations means dealing with some confidential documentation and our movers are experts in government moves and will guarantee privacy during any relocation.

Government Moves

Full-Service Government Moves Include:

Packing of all items including secure items for public institution moves

Transport of all office items (including any item not able to be packed in boxes)

Moving office furniture (any furniture not able to be packed will be disassembled and wrapped in moving blankets in order to offer additional protection during the moving process)

Handling and transport of textbooks and books requiring transport when moving governmental institutions

Transportation of government vehicles along with government moves (we don’t exclusively move vehicles, but will do so when combined with other services)

Moving Departments during Government Moves

When moving offices or departments during government moves you will need to analyze the needs of your department. Identifying the reasons for the move is the number one thing you should do when planning for moving departments. Once you are clear on the reasons behind the move (Are you moving for more space? Location change? etc.) you will have a clearer picture for how to plan a strategic public institution relocation process. 

Moving departments can improve staff morale, improve the productivity of your department, and even open up the opportunity for new staff to join the team.

Government Moves

When moving government institutions, it is key to start to organize important files, paperwork, and records. In today’s modern age, a lot of secure information is kept online. Although when government moves are concerned, there are often hardcopies of important files kept in archives. During government moves, these files need to be transported but contain sensitive information that is extremely private and requires total confidentiality from a long-distance moving company. 

Total Distance Solutions is a moving company you can trust. We will transport your office equipment, furniture, archived material, and private documents in a secure fashion. There is never any fear of a break of confidence when you hire our extremely professional movers for government moves.

Government Moves

Moving Governmental Institutions

When moving government institutions, it is essential to inform the public that you will be making a public institution relocation. Even if you are moving down the road. It is essential to announce publicly that you are relocating your office or center. 

If government moves require new office equipment or furniture due to changing workspace needs, our public institution moves specialists can also pick up new items from a warehouse and deliver them to your new location. We also offer furniture assembly services.

Government moves are challenging and require many different moving parts to contribute to a successful move. Public institution moves can be complicated and if you don’t stay organized, it can be easy to lose track and things can unravel very quickly. 

Below is a checklist to help with moving governmental institutions:

  • Planning (have a detailed plan before making government moves. Have all the important dates, including all inventory, track office supplies, and equipment, and list all furniture required to be relocated in a public institution moves)
  • Packing (hire a professional moving company that specializes in government moves. They can send out a team of professional packers to pack up all items, disassemble furniture, and move office equipment, photocopiers, printers, scanners, etc.)
  • Transport (a great moving company that focuses on government moves will transport your items safely in a public institution relocation)
  • Unpacking (On arrival, government moves specialists will unload the moving truck, unpack all items, and reassemble all furniture and place them in appropriate spots in your new office or space)