Step 1: Where are you moving
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Need Help Filling The Quotation Form?

In order to offer you the best and most transparent quote possible for a long-distance moving service, please consider the guidelines mentioned below.

Step 1: 

Departure address and arrival address. Please provide the exact addresses in the format the system suggests.
Example: 4994 Rue Beaubien Est, Montreal, QC, Canada
According to the addresses indicated in the quote, you will see at the bottom the exact distance in kilometers and miles. 

Step 2: 

Moving details. Choose the type and size of move (house, apartment, commercial).
Moving date. The date is very important when hiring a long-distance moving service. If you are flexible enough with the date, please specify it in the comments at the end of the quote.
Moving inventory. Check the appropriate box to choose the:

  • Appliances
  • Bedroom
  • Decor & organizers 
  • Dining & kitchen 
  • Electronics
  • Living room
  • Office
  • Other
  • Outdoor.

Do not miss any items to be moved as this will determine the size of the truck, the number of movers and the packing materials to be used.

Step 3: 

Moving extras. Mention the floors for both addresses and whether there is an elevator.
If you are opting for a full packing and boxing service, please tick the approximate quantity of boxes to be made.
Packing. Depending on this information and the scope of your move, you can choose the number of movers you want. Example: to pack the personal effects of a medium-sized house with the complete packing service, normally we involve between 3 and 5 packers.
NB: Take into consideration that there are situations where additional movers are required if the project is larger than foreseen. Less stuff – fewer movers, more stuff – more movers and packers.
Debris removal. If you want to get rid of old furniture or appliances, please specify.
Storage. Please let us know if you require storage service, specifying the period and your special requirements.

Step 4:

Contact information. In order to identify yourself as a potential client and to open a moving file with you, please leave your last name, first name, email address and cell phone number.
File upload. You always have the option of uploading Word, Excel, PDF files or even uploading images that can better help us analyze special objects, staircases or all the effects to be moved.
After providing all the necessary information, you will receive an email confirming receipt of the quote request and, later, within 1 hour to 24 hours you will receive a detailed and very comprehensive long-distance moving quote.